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Walkways Spaces behind Islands and Peninsulas in your Kitchen

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

The National Kitchen and Bath Association, (NKBA) has guidelines on walkways behind islands and Peninsulas. These are the guidelines I follow when I design.

If you've ever visited a friend and there wasn't enough space to walk behind a person sitting at the island, you will understand how important walkway distances are. Every plan I work on after measuring and inputting the design I determine the walkway space.

While you are still in the planning and designing phase, it's easy for me to input measurements and cabinets with countertops and determine the space that is left.

After your cabinets are installed it's too late or difficult to change. Proper planning of your kitchen space is extremely important so that everything functions the way you prefer

Many people after a kitchen remodel say, I wish I had done this. I help to educate my clients so we have explored all options.

You can see in the drawings how the distances changes depending on the use and if a person is walking behind a stool or chair. Stool heights and chair heights vary and also make a difference in the space.

If you are planning for wheelchair use, I take that into consideration and will make the walkway larger to accommodate the clients needs.

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