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Spice Cabinet Storage Solutions for your Kitchen

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Cabinet Companies have come up with many storage solutions for spices. In the below 2 photos I am showing 7 different option of wall cabinets that can house spices. When I am designing a kitchen I think about what cabinet option is the best for the client I am working with. I like the items easily accessible and close to the cooking zone in your kitchen.

I want any wall cabinets to work well and have easy access to spices. Spice cabinets may be only available in limited sizes so it's important for kitchen designers to make sure the cabinet fits properly into your design and that it's easily accessible.

The easy reach corner cabinet is a great cabinet for spices. It has about a 10 in shelf depth depending on the cabinet company specs. You can see in the photo that there are adjustable shelves, that could hold larger spice containers, or smaller bottles.

The other Corner Wall Cabinet is the Wall Diagonal cabinet with the lazy Susan. This has a turntable where all the spices can spin into view.

The other 2 options are showing spices on the doors. In these cabinets the original shelves are cut back and have less depth, so it makes even spices on the interior shelves accessible.

The wall spice pull down cabinet has a metal shelving unit that can hold spices and be pulled forward. This unit is sometimes great for individuals with mobility issues.

The wall spice pull out, interior depth is about 9 inches for the shelves. Some people like them, but many do not. If you put a wall spice pull out on the side of the microwave you probably won't be able to access the spices from the microwave side, due to the depth of the microwave.

In the Base pull out Cabinet options you will see that you have to bend over to get into the cabinet. This is the Spice Storage option I use on most of my kitchens. Many kitchens I design have more than 1 Base Spice pull out cabinet. Most of the Base pantry pull outs have adjustable shelves and are from 3 inches wide to 12 in wide. The 3 inch is extremely narrow and really can't hold much. I prefer the 9in and 12 in wide cabinet so that you have a wider shelf to sit spices, flour or other cooking items on. The Super Base Cabinet option has shelving on the doors that could hold spices along with pull out shelves. You could hold large and smaller bottles of spices inside this cabinet.

9 in deep and 12 in deep Pantry cabinets can be great to hold larger spice containers. You can utilize a storage option of tiered 3 shelves or multiple Tiered Spice Storage in a pantry or wall cabinet.

Below Photo: Tiered Spice storage to use in Pantry's or wall cabinets

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