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Exciting Range Hood Options for Gas Ranges

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Below is a Beautiful Wood Hood from Decora Cabinetry, which is one of the cabinet lines I carry.

When designing a kitchen I decide upon the type of range hood I specify by using the specifications of the range my client is purchasing.

There are differences in the type of hoods needed depending if you are using a gas range or an electric range

Most of my clients are purchasing gas ranges with high output BTUS from the burners. So I will start by explaining gas range specifications.

Below is the definitions of that are important if you are calculating a range hood for a gas range. For gas ranges each burner will produce a different amount of BTU's. Range hoods use CFM's as the technical jargon with various amounts of CFM needed depending on the BTU's produced by the gas range you choose. The range produces BTU's from the heat of the burners. The Range hood is calibrated by Cubic Feet per minute (CFM) which uses the power of the blower unit to push the heat from the range out of home. Another important calculation is the Sones, which is the loudness of the range hood. A 500 CFM hood may sound like an airplane taking off in the kitchen if the sone level is too high. Many times I am specifying a 900 CFM to 1,000 CFM range hood and we will discuss installing the unit remotely. This will keep the noise level down.

Below is the math to determine the CFM of the range hood needed over a gas range. The photo is of a 36 in professional gas range.

In the example below I calculated the CFM's on a Wolf 60 inch range and a Viking 48 in range. For each client I figure out the calculation so we have a hood that will rid the kitchen of heat and odors while cooking

I also check the level of Sones of the hood purchased. The slide below explains the sone levels and can act as a guide indicating noise levels of the fan.

Wood hoods are extremely popular and can make a beautiful focal point in your new kitchen

With a Wood Hood the Blowers are separate. I will calculate the CFM needed and order the blower that will work with the wood hood that is chosen for the kitchen remodel.

Below are power pack and liners that can be used inside a new Wood Range Hood. Many companies make the blowers and liners.

Below are Stainless Steel Hood Options. These can be a beautiful addition to your new kitchen. The blower unit is incorporated into the hood.

Copper range hoods are available and beautiful as well. The price ranges can vary wildly. If its a manufactured unit it is less expensive than a handcrafted Copper Hood.

Smeg is a Company in England that has colorful range hood options and even Dolce and Gabbana Designer options.

In the Smeg Dolce and Gabbana collection there are matching stoves, refrigerators, and range hoods. How cute is that?

If you're into more Contemporary styling the Teka Range hoods have a perimeter suction system.

Below are 2 companies, GE and Kitchenaid that manufacture gas downdraft cooktops.

Pop up units are available. I always check the CFM of the popup to determine if it will be strong enough for a professional range. I use them mostly with Electric cooktops.

Wolf Range company makes a ceiling mounted Range Hood

There are different types of Blower Units available.

Below shows the Inline Range Hood Blower

Below shows the Range Hood Blower mounted externally. This will keep the noise level in the house while running quieter. Higher CFM units may need to be mounted remotely.

Range hoods can be so powerful that you may need backup air. Broan has units available to help

with this issue.

Check out the video on explaining makeup air.

The length of distance from your range hood to go outside is calculated as the length of your duct run. You can go to and there is a calculation that will help you determine the performance of the range hood you are purchasing.

With Decorative Range hoods I take into consideration the NKBA guideline. Below are the guidelines I use.

These are just some of the things I think about when designing kitchens with Gas Ranges. If you are hiring a kitchen designer and using a Decorative hood these are some of the important points to consider during your design process.

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Aug 14, 2021

Great solutions! That Smeg collection is so fun! Thank you for all the information.

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