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Pantry Heights- Will your new Pantry fit your Broom, Swiffer or Vacuum Cleaner

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

When designing your new kitchen and Choosing a pantry to hold Brooms, Swiffer's or Vacuum Cleaners, did you know the bottom dimension on Kitchen Cabinet Pantry's are not the same height. Some companies manufacture cabinetry that is shorter on the lower section of the pantry. So as a designer many times I will actually measure the height of the brooms, or Swiffer's, or vacuum's. The cabinet below has a 24 in depth, but you have to take the face frame measurement and the back measurement off to determine the depth of the pantry. This is a Decora Cabinet pantry so the approximate depth is 22inches. Did you know that kitchen designer's often measure Brooms, Swiffer's, and Vacuum's

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